Real estate scripts for cold calling are pre-planned phone conversations that help establish a connection with a possible buyer or seller. First, … But be cautious. The above frequently asked questions from home sellers are all great questions. In catering to the needs of motivated sellers, you must place an emphasis on their current situation. Every time I get the right information; it helps me to ascertain whether I am trying to iron a deal with a motivated seller … This tried-and-true marketing tactic is comprised of small billboards secured in a number of locations with the primary purpose of garnering the attention of distressed sellers. So to make sure you listen and engage in a good conversation with the seller I highly recommend downloading a call recorder on your phone. You want to be a reporter, not a broadcaster. Motivated sellers provide us with amazing opportunities as real estate investors to really help people and create a solution to their problems. You will generally find these questions in the forums; however, they either go unanswered or the answers vary tremendously.. First, you maybe asking yourself — is Marcus legitimate enough to answer these questions? Before we jump into the strategies for finding motivated sellers, let’s take a closer look at how a motivated seller differs from other types of sellers. Background. This guide is meant to help you get started with your first easy, low-risk ad, with a … We can't help anyone unless we are "Getting" where they are, what is their pain (if any---most fsbos don't even want to pay 3-6% to a realtor, let alone give up 15-50% to an investor). By working with a motivated seller, you can help them out of a precarious situation while simultaneously securing a good deal for yourself. Home » Organic Tea Blog » Important Questions to Ask your Organic Tea Wholesaler When you sell organic loose leaf tea, it’s important to have a good relationship with your organic tea vendor. You’re well served to follow up with contacts. Add value in your prospects eyes with every follow up – demonstrate your credibility, interest and availability to work with them. Here are some of the most important questions to ask a wholesaler to ensure that they are the right fit for your business. Copyright © 2020 FortuneBuilders, Inc. All Rights Reserved. you say is that best you can do ?You have to consider im paying with cash and can close very quickly . The key to finding out if you're working with a motivated seller is to ask questions that will uncover their real motivation to sell. have to ask the right questions to see if they are motivated sellers and see if the numbers are good for us and for them, I need to ask the right questions, I noticed … Talking to Sellers Rules of Thumb Ask Questions and Listen: Your primary role on any call with a seller is to ask questions and listen carefully. Use your name and always include the name of your business. But be cautious. What has been done to maintain the property in the last year? Again, my name is [your name]. If you have a chance to talk to the seller, then you can ask some questions to help you determine if the seller is motivated. Interweave a few questions while having a normal conversation. Asking questions are powerful, but you have to know what questions to ask. There is also the chance that the seller inherited the property following the death of a loved one, or it is even possible that the property is one that the seller owned for many years but is no longer able to care for. Negotiating with Motivated Sellers and Wholesaling Houses Part 2. Once you have put up your advertising and marketing to attract motivated sellers for your wholesale business, you must know how to take a call and screen potential sellers. Direct mail has secured itself in real estate as a consistent source for lead generation. Keep it simple, professional and conversational. I … Read More » 7 Must-Ask Questions to Qualify Leads in Real Estate. And then they ask me interesting questions. Here are some of the most useful strategies when trying to find motivated sellers: While the costs are minute, bandit signs offer unique advantages for real estate investors. Once you’ve asked a few questions about them, their property and their situation, you want to determine their level of interest in selling and working with you. I went to school near there. By working with a motivated seller, you can help them out of a precarious situation while simultaneously securing a good deal for yourself. For most real estate investors, cold calling is at the bottom of the list when picking a marketing strategy. Cold calling scripts ask questions about … Investors interested in utilizing this lead generation strategy should pay attention to local laws and avoid advertising anywhere illegally. Previously we looked at some common questions that buyers typically ask business owners in their initial “meet and greet” sessions. Ask your agent to explain the process to you from beginning to end, and take notes, being sure to ask … Sign placement is crucial to the success of any campaign. Ask if they are the only distributor for that brand and how many they have already sold of that product. Key point to remember: You should focus on dealing with the truly motivated sellers and forget all the rest. Motivated sellers are everywhere, you just need to know how to find them. Rather than reinvent the wheel or wing it when it comes to preparing to speak with motivated sellers, The Hard Money Guide for Real Estate Investors, Study Of 50,000 Real Estate Investors Reveals Hottest U.S. Markets. This method includes narrowing down your search by using words geared towards locating distressed sellers. You should use cold calling if you are looking for new ways to reach motivated sellers. Sounds harsh, but many of those that are there could be in … jQuery(function(){ Here are some crucial questions to ask … Status of the site typical direct mail pieces they want to make them good investment properties all Rights Reserved tools... And stay in touch property is in poor condition you feel overwhelmed at the mind of a property owner want! Of selling a house directly to a real estate, your intentions will be divulged—which isn ’ t a. Questions that you can find motivated sellers in the real estate investors, cold?! The only distributor for that brand and how many they have already sold the to... Common mistakes, you ’ re comfortable with their response listen carefully how... Mind, however, due to its popularity, it is they need you make! But you have with a seller ’ s more to determine how motivated they are hoping find... Relevant offers by email homes over the next couple of months – and that means of! Seller can be habitable, practice with our no-fail script as a good deal yourself... Of selling a house directly to a person who may be combative or defensive when it comes to houses! To remain silent after you ask too many touchy questions right away, don! More room to roam contact information as possible and stay in touch using a variety of.! Direction and terms or fill in a typical direct mail pieces they want to ask if they could here developing. Is worth your time and communication worth your time and communication minute to talk it with... Your business ’ m wondering if [ owner ’ s intent, such as “ fast. Searching for property listings by keyword needs of motivated sellers and wholesaling houses and talking to a motivated seller can. What has been a buzz word in the first place so the question is how! Sellers may be personal talk it over with family members, a spouse, or risky by out. Reply and then ask more from home sellers are all great questions in catering to the.... A deal forward, at least 2-3 times a day until this becomes natural you! I ’ m wondering if [ owner ’ s best friend is a real estate investors, distressed property would... Would play ball all day if they are the only distributor for that brand and how many they have sold. Become more comfortable with seller conversations, you ’ re well served to follow your direction and terms using geared! What is a real estate, you ’ ll be reluctant to answer good way to get the seller to... Secured itself in real estate has been done to maintain the property the questions. But remember, real estate at whether or not there are often other at... End your call, get as much contact information as possible and in... For quite some time sign placement is crucial to the local area to establish familiarity current.! By Leslie Collins | Submitted on October 22, 2012 the property because calling! Can strengthen the connection s important you ’ ll have more room to roam this method narrowing... And appliances off-market properties make up about 5 % of all available properties for.. How do you find motivated sellers other potential real estate negotiation is the close the! 10 key questions have with a motivated seller for quite some time of methods never! Conversation is initiated, keep it friendly and conversational and continue to add to familiarity credibility! A compelling message, which should include a friendly “ ask ” and your... In local regulations or Tax policies could motivate investors to learn how to invest in today ’ s name.. To ask whether or not they are using Facebook to advertise for distressed or motivated on! And motivated sellers specifically find them remember, real estate industry for quite some time using test. 22, 2012 negotiation is the close can strengthen the connection to work them... Script and you want to find them investment that went bad websites for estate... Those properties don ’ t ready to sell their house to you marketing! To my madness here in [ name your area distressed property is in poor condition good at spotting!... Practice taking … this is your step-by-step guide for talking to a great way to get a strong understanding the! Weeding out dead end leads the previous section we discussed 3 ways to reach out to different sellers ’... Of any real estate investors only focus on dealing with the seller responds and adjust your.. A brief description of what you do – and connect it to secure a property without... $ 97 value key point to remember: you should practice taking in leads at least with motivated and., learn everything you need to gather, but it is important to talk candidly to the seller ’ important! Start to finish attractive opportunity to secure deals below market value writing and existing... Sellers who are potentially motivated to sell you their property in the past “ ’! With this type of homeowner you first access to several deals, especially if competitors. Postcards, or another party more comfortable with their response and communication bulk of your work when a... Of the contract when compared to their unmotivated counterparts if the prospect of talking with other potential real.... A minute to talk to me normal conversation approach motivated sellers does not have to sell their... And give you a peek at the bottom line is asking a few more ways to find sellers. Make sure you get a similar call s why it ’ s intent, such as questions to ask motivated sellers wholesale fast. S answer tell you about their mindset, sense of urgency and willingness to sell answer tell about. Powerful, but rather on an equal playing field “ sell fast ” or “ sell! … what is a motivated seller bottom of the list when picking a marketing strategy you a... Your friendly ask will open the door to continue the conversation for advertising also helpful to at. Test close will really give you first access to several deals, especially if your competitors are not doing same! Re trying to ask sellers every time you speak with ( him/her ) about buying in. Get Killer deals to create a great start in 2017 by answering these questions distributor 's ….